Fundacion Simiente

FUNDACIÓN SIMIENTEfor the promotion of human and local development


Who We Are

Fundacition Simiente is an ecumenical non-governmental organization based in Honduras, inspired by love for our fellow human beings and a wish for better options for the poor.

Through a variety of development projects and programs, we support the social justice movement in Honduras in hopes of diminishing the social, economic, and political gap that currently exists in Honduran society.

Mission and Vision

Fundación Simiente promotes autonomous and equitable development in rural communities by strengthening local resources.

Our focuses include:

  1. Gender equity
  2. Ecological agriculture
  3. Food self-sufficiency
  4. Rural savings and micro-enterprises
  5. Community health
  6. Political participation
  7. Support of the social justice movement

Our vision as an organization is the construction of a large, diverse, organized, and purposeful social force--based on human values--which uses the power of citizenship to strive for collective wellbeing.







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